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Survey Responses

While all client responses provided were valuable, we’ve selected a few from the hundreds of comments and suggestions we received! In no particular order, they provide us with future suggestions to better serve you, our client!

Thank you for treating me the same as someone who actually has money.

Donuts with your coffee.

Charlie is great! Thanks!

Susie was great helping me figure out what to do my first time filing separately.

I had to pay too much for being single.

Easier than my dentist office.

This is a great place. Love the artwork.

Very polite and professional.

I enjoy coming hate paying the Feds.

Very accommodating.

Amazing group!

(Front Desk) I love her laugh!

Thank you to Sheena and Susie for your help it was a wonderful experience. God Bless.

Everything was done fast, easy and on time.

Charlie always does an outstanding job. I enjoy working with him.

(Organizer) It’s better to have it, than try to remember all you want to say.

Your staff is very friendly.

Just keep doing what your doing.

(Front desk) Always very friendly always professional.

Good coffee.

Preparer was efficient and prompt.

I had a wonderful experience with the entire staff.

Audrey is most helpful….thank Audrey we love you!!!

Susie has been my tax preparer for a very long time and I could not be more satisfied.

Very professional staff (Love the pens w/flowers)

(Organizer) Helped me to gather the info required.

I trust your people and am sure I will return each year.

I have always been impressed.

Audrey is terrific.

Very pleased. Will return.

Same organizer for 23 years. Always helpful – wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

Susie is great!

Richard was extremely helpful.

Excellent and efficient.

We love coming here – no problems.

Very helpful – reminder call is a valuable service!

Keep up the good work. God Bless.

(Front desk) Very friendly & nice.

A good company.

Very satisfied with service.

Everything went great.

See you next year. Thank You!

Everything is perfect (or close!)

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Always receive such a warm welcome – takes the dread off!! Keep up the good work!

You are already all #1

Everything was great. Don’t change.

Susie is always great staff always friendly.

Everything is always wonderful & professional.

Susie is the best.

(Front desk) Very friendly offered me water /coffee.

Charlie also gave me other information I had not asked for, but did find useful.

Great customer service and helpfulness.

(Front desk) no candy dish whats up!

(Organizer) Yes it reminded us it was time to set up appointment to do taxes.

Very courteous.

Everything was great! Richard is really nice!

Perfection cannot be improved upon.

Charlie makes tax time fun!

You are awesome! Would like a confirmation when I send an email on missing documentation, know you received it – that’s the only thing I have!

We love Audrey!

Everything was done fast, easy and on time.

Service has always been excellent.

Liked the colors & color books for kids thank you.

This is a good place to have your taxes done – will recommend.

Everyone is very friendly at the office.

100% great.

(Organizer) It reminds me what all I might need so all will go more quickly.

Everything and everyone was great.

(Front desk) Always polite & courteous.

You guys are great that’s why I’ve been coming here 15+ years.

Charles is always extremely helpful, courteous & professional.

The organizer is most appreciated.

More than helpful! Comforting really!

Everything was great the preparer really cared.


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