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Preparing for the unexpected is one of the most important aspects of financial planning, but it can also be one of the most complex. Determining how much coverage you need to protect loved ones in your absence, supplement income needs in the event of a disability, or protect a business requires specialized knowledge. It also relies on an in-depth and holistic understanding of your financial picture to help ensure the coverage you select is not only adequate for your needs, but represents the best cost-for-value.

At Leivas Wealth Management, we work with even the most complex strategies involving insurance solutions. Our insight goes beyond understanding the specific policy details, the underwriting process, and the intricacies of the various recommended products. We offer:

Life Insurance

Variable Universal Life*, Whole Life, Indexed Universal Life, Return of Premium Term Life & Level Term Life for:

  • Life Insurance Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Employee Bonus Life Insurance
  • Key Executive Life Insurance
  • Business Loans Collateralized by Life Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Personal and Family Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Comprehensive, with flexible options for non-cancellable, guaranteed renewable, inflation protection, own occupation, and multiple lengths of protection and waiting periods for:

  • Disability Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Disability Overhead Expense
  • Employee Bonus Disability Insurance
  • Personal Disability Protection

Long-Term Care Insurance

Comprehensive policies offering shared benefits, home and community care, nursing home, assisted living, adult day care, and care coordination for:

  • Personal Long-Term Care Policies
  • Shared Benefit Long-Term Care Policies for Couples
  • Executive Carve Out Policies with simplified underwriting

*Investment and financial services are offered by Susan Leivas-Sturner, Spencer MacDougal, Carol Asper, and Charles McManuis through their affiliation with Avantax.


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