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Whether you’re an individual saving for retirement or are a multinational corporation, taxes play a significant role in your financial picture. That’s why your finances and investments can’t be properly managed in a silo. When your finances are viewed from a holistic perspective – when one considers the impact of taxes on each financial and investment decision made – an accurate and complete picture emerges.

Our professionals understand that building wealth for the long-term requires careful analysis and a deep understanding of all aspects of your financial picture. We can help you build a comprehensive financial roadmap as you deal with common challenges or milestones, such as:


When a spender marries a saver, the relationship can suffer. But when both spouses can agree on common financial goals, things get easier. We can help partners set realistic goals and create a path to pursue them.

Having Children

The financial responsibilities of parenthood can be intimidating. Will you be able to fund their education? What if something happens to you? We can help you navigate the maze of financial decisions that arise when you have or adopt a child.

An Aging Parent

The cost of elder care is rising, whether care is delivered at home or in a facility. It’s critical to create a strategy that allows you to take care of an aging parent’s needs without jeopardizing your own retirement plan.

Buying a Home

When will it make sense for you to buy? How much house can you afford? How will you pay your down payment? We can help you develop a savings plan designed to put you in the home that’s right for you.

Unforeseen Circumstances

For better or for worse, financial surprises may require adjustments to your long-term goals. We can help you put an inheritance or other sudden windfall to good use and protect yourself against the damaging financial consequences of a divorce or lawsuit.

Career Change

Once you’ve settled into your new job, what should you do with your old 401(k) or IRA? Any decision you make can have tax implications. With specific knowledge in this area, we can help you determine if a rollover is an appropriate option.

Running a Business

Whether you’re still in startup mode or have been managing your business for decades, you likely don’t have time to handle all of the behind-the-scenes financial issues, such as starting a retirement plan or purchasing buy/sell insurance. We can help you determine opportunities for maximizing the financial advantages of your business.


Will your savings last a lifetime? We are trained to help you plan your spending and adjust your investments for the next chapter of your life. We believe every American deserves to retire with dignity.

Tax Season

Not many people look forward to April 15th, but it’s actually an ideal time to reassess your overall financial situation. As independent tax professionals, we are uniquely qualified to address your financial services needs while keeping your tax issues in mind.

Wherever you are at in life, we can help you navigate the many milestones as you expand your family, change careers, manage a business, and retire.

*Investment and financial services are offered by Susan Leivas-Sturner, Spencer MacDougal, Carol Asper, Daniel Boudreau and Charles McManuis through their affiliation with Adantax.


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